Madison Youth Soccer Club



Professional Coaching and Training for Madison's Aspiring Soccer Players

The purpose of the Madison Academy program is to bring together players who are serious about their development as a soccer player in an environment intended to challenge them and help them reach their potential. It is being offered as a more convenient and less expensive alternative to outside "premier" programs, but one that will be focused exclusively on skill development. It provides MYSC members an opportunity to accelerate their soccer development by training with professional coaches from the Victory Soccer School.

Program for Fall 2019-Spring 2020

What: Madison Academy - supplement to existing competitive travel program

Who: Approx. 12-16 Boys and Girls selected for each group

Four groups -- U9/U10 (2010/2011) (boys and girls) & U11/U12 (2008/2009) (boys and girls)

***Players involved with 'premier clubs' are not eligible to participate***

***Players will continue to play with MYSC travel teams***

Where: Madison Youth Soccer Club - open only to members of the club

Why: To provide more soccer development for competitive players eager to play more of the game without leaving town for a 'premier' program. Training is coordinated with MYSC travel teams to prevent conflicts.

When: Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Families interested in the Academy are making the following commitment for their players:

  • Fall Season: One 90-minute weekday training session and one 90-minute Sunday morning intra-Academy (U9-U12) scrimmage (10 weeks) - must also participate on a Madison comp team
  • One tournament - TBD, coordinated with Madison Travel team schedules, likely the Colchester Soccerfest
  • Spring Season: One 90-minute weekday training session and one 90-minute Sunday morning intra-Academy scrimmage (U9-U12) training (10 weeks) - must also participate on a Madison comp team
  • One tournament - TBD, coordinated with Madison Travel team schedules, likely the Guilford Soccerfest

TRYOUTS: For the players born in 2010/2011, we will have academy tryouts on Sunday morning June 2nd from 8:30 to 10am at Strong Field at the Surf Club. For 2008/2009 players, they will be selected from travel tryouts to be held on May 20th and 21st for U11/12 players.

A target of 10-12 players (16 maximum) will be chosen for each Academy team from the tryouts. In order to be considered for participation in the Madison Academy, players must be identified as a top player in their age group AND must meet requirements regarding technical ability, athleticism, and attitude. Selections will be made exclusively by our trainers and director of coaching.

Based on tryout results, Academy spots will be offered in mid-June. Registration must be submitted and paid for within 1 week of Academy invite (financial assistance is available for qualifying families.).

Academy registration fee is $550 for the school year and includes the two weekly sessions described above in addition to an Academy training jersey to be worn to all sessions. An Academy hooded sweatshirt will be available for purchase at an additional cost. A weekday training session may be added for the winter season at an additional cost. Fall and Spring tournament fees are included.

The weekday training session will not conflict with comp or rec practices. In addition, Madison comp coaches will leave Sunday 8:00-10:00 am available for the Madison Academy to have its weekend session, and that weekend training will not conflict with rec games.

Academy Expectations and Commitment

Commitment Policies

  • All players will be expected to attend at least 80% of training sessions (religious holidays excluded). We strongly encourage players to attend all sessions in order to enhance player development and teamwork. Failure to meet this requirement could mean that the player will not be invited to participate in the Academy for the following school year.
  • We have established these guidelines so that players and teams are all treated fairly. It is not fair for a team to have a player or group of players that are only available for a limited number of practices or games. This does not promote teamwork or honor the commitment made to the Academy.

Expectations of the Player

  • Players to be respectful to the coach and teammates at all times
  • Players to show commitment to training sessions
  • Players to come focused to training sessions
  • Players to have wear their Academy training jersey to all sessions
  • Players to have a passion for the game and a desire to improve as a player

Expectations of the Parent

  • Parents to refrain from sideline coaching of their or other players while supporting the team in a positive and enthusiastic manner
  • 24 hour rule: Parents not to approach the coach with feedback or corrections at training
  • Parents to ensure players have all the required training attire
  • Parents to inform the coach with at least one day's notice if they cannot attend training session

For additional information: contact by email at